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Welcome to the REAL Canadian Bacon Co.

Better Homes & Gardens

Page 96: Appetizers: "We adore bacon from The Real Canadian Bacon Company"

Saveur Magazine

Page 106: THE PANTRY: "favorite international breakfast meats"

Saveur Magazine

Featured in FARE: "was the real deal"

Healthy Cooking Magazine

Featured in Healthy Ideas on the Web: "has about 130 calories, 5 grams of fat and 40 milligrams of cholestrol per serving"

Cooking Light Magazine

Featured in Tester's Choice: "well worth seeking out"

Taste of Home Magazine

Feature article

Meat Processing Magazine

REAL Canadian Bacon won 1st place

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Luckily for us, a nostalgic Canadian in the United States is making it possible for us to enjoy the real thing....When my husband and I to drive to Toronto, we toss a styrene foam container into the trunk. On the way home, we make a last stop the St. Lawrence Market and buy a half dozen peameal bacon roasts."

The Plain Dealer

"'Oh, my God!' a friend gasped, 'that is the BEST stuff'....this is the plumpest, most succulent back bacon imaginable."

Detroit Free Press

"The other day I found out I'd been frying up a fraud."

El Paso Times

"'I moved to Detroit when I got married and tried real Canadian bacon,' said Amparo Burton, who was visiting her parents in the Lower Valley last week. 'When we would come back to El Paso, I would try to explain what real Canadian bacon is. My parents would just laugh at me and said I was crazy. But I made believers out of them.'"

The New York Times

"Canadian bacon, usually smoked and ready to eat, is something entirely different in Canada. North of the border, it is brined, rolled in cornmeal and sold uncooked."

San Francisco Chronicle

"When it comes to Canadian bacon, most Americans likely have never tasted the real thing....The Chronicle Food staff loved it."

Orlando Sentinel

"We've Been Fakin' Bacon All Along".

The Oklahoman

"Engineer Introduces 'Real' Peameal Bacon"

the REAL Canadian Bacon Co.

REAL Canadian Bacon Co. press release.

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