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"Good morning Ken, Each year we evaluate many potential products for use here at Zehnder's Restaurant. When we took a look at the RCB Wiltshire pork chop we knew we had a winner. We've been pleasantly surprised with how well it sells and how many compliments we've received. Executive Chef John Zehnder, CEC, ACE, AAC. Zehnder's of Frankenmuth (MI). LARGEST INDEPENDENT RESTAURANT in the U.S." --- John Zehnder - Owner ---
" Real Canadian Bacon is the upgrade for our breakfast meats that we were looking for, it serves as the 'wow' effect on buffets as well as on plated breakfast items..." Patrick Dahms - Executive Chef - Intercontinental New Orleans
This is S H out here in San Francisco. Just letting you know we got the two roasts last week and took them both out on a friends boat on San Francisco Bay, and grilled em up on the bbq. They were fantastic! The hit of the party! I let folks know to check out your website if they wanted to get more and there were a quite a few excited faces. Thanks again! S H (former Chatham, Ontario resident)
Message: AT LAST!!! I am a Canadian living in U.S. and whenever I pass along my girlfriend's N.Z. recipe to Americans, I add that the American version of Canadian bacon is an imposter. My mil (mother-in-law) read an article this morning about your company in Detroit News and was laughing as she told me about the article repeating things I have said myself about the "imposter" bacon sold in the U.S. I have a GREAT recipe and am wondering if you are willing to do a trade for a taste of home, some Peameal bacon? The recipe is not in your line up and everyone raves about it. We recently had a Cdn (from Windsor) worker here working for a U.S. doing concrete. I made the guys breakfast and they were in heaven. The Cdn fella took home my recipe and I told him it is ten times better done with the real McCoy. So glad you are importing this product. Look forward to doing buisness with you now and in the future...Shelley <~~~ definitely new customer
Hello, I'm very glad to see that someone is educating people about our peameal. For years I've been trying to them abvout the true difference; now on, I'll just sent them to your site. What I was writing about has to do with a cooking suggestion. My aunt cooks her roasts by studding them with whole clove and then, cooks. It has a most wonderful taste and with escalloped apples, nothing could be finer. Thank goodness for "The Other White Meat"! Enjoy......Irla Ixxxx and her Aunt Eileen( St.Thomas, ON)
Folks: I received my package yesterday, and am thrilled. It is REAL CANADIAN BACON. My parents were Canadian and I spent many summers with my Grandparents in Toronto. No where in the States do they sell bacon like "peameal bacon". I've only been able to get it when I went for a visit. You also did not gouge the price, and the packing allowed it to arrive in perfect condition. Cheers!
Finally, the REAL Bacon has arrived. I laughed when I first saw what was called Canadian Bacon in the States. They have perfectly round processed smoked "bacon" which I can’t stomach. It is about time someone imported the real stuff. Now I can eat bacon again.
Just wanted to say how excited I am to be able to get peameal bacon. I grew up in Ohio and visited Canada almost every summer. A highlight was getting peameal bacon and bringing a supply home. years ago, a specialty meat market locally carried it, but I have not been able to get any more. Realy looking forward to my first shipment! Found out about it from article in Orlando Sentinel paper today.
I'm excited!!!! Peameal bacon. I had it as a kid because my family spend summer vacation on Manitoulin Island fishing on Silver Lake. Keep telling people about it - it definately isn't the Canadian Bacon of our grocery stores. Expect an order soon!!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thanks you! I recently ordered my first (of what I'm sure will be many) shipments of your peameal bacon. I had remembered it fondly from the years when my family owned an island in Lake Huron. No matter how many years ensued (since 1967), I could not forget the distinctive flavor of this wonderful product. I fried up the first pound the other night and was transprorted to my childhood. And, my nephew, who had never before encountered it, nearly devoured the whole pound alone. Now we can introduce a whole new generation of our family to the joys of the "real Canadian bacon."
Thanks to you and the free press I can now get the real stuff without going to Windsor.
First off, thank you for offering this product in the US. My family lived for 15 years in Toronto and have not been able to find anything close to the real thing in the States.
Let me say that I AM VERY SATISFIED with your bacon.
Hi Best Canadian Bacon that I have had in a long time! Will order more when this order is finished. Thank you.
No problems!! The bacon is delicious--just like I remembered it! Thank you--
very happy. jss
We LOVE it, you have a new customer. Will re order soon. Thanks.
I just wanted to say thank you! I got my order today. It was packed great & the bacon looks wonderful. I plan to give it as Christmas presents to my family so I loved the way it was packed in 1-lb. packages. You'll be getting an order from me again soon.
Your product looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! We are planning to serve it at a Holiday dinner party. If it is as good as it looks, we will order again and again! Thank you!
Received bacon, delicious as usual, thank you
Thank you for everything. The peameal bacon is excellent!!!
Just a little note of thanks. We received our order today and was only placed on Monday. Thank you for being so prompt. We love your products and are greatful to have a little taste of Canada in the South.
Thank god for RCB Company. Ever since I moved to California I have been looking for a way to buy Peameal Bacon. John Maloney at Maloney Meats in Southgate, CA found you! He has been a long time friend and has been searching for me for two years. I just received my Christmas gift from him and I was amazed! Finally, my Mother does not have to bring us peameal bacon in her luggage everytime she visits us.
Hi I used the Canadian Bacon on Christmas Day with all my children and Grandchildren, and we enjpyed it very much. Happy Holidays, I will tell all my friends about your company!
This was a Christmas Gift from my sister and husband, as she knew that each year, in years past, we would stop at a Canadian Market for pea meal bacon, before going back into the bush fishing. It truly is a treat, and we are enjoying it. Thanks for the follow-up.
Everything was perfect. I was so surprised that the order came the next day. My husband is ecstatic -- can't wait to cook some up. Thanks again.
Friends, My wife and I have one word to summarize our experience with REAL Canadian Bacon Co. Canadian Bacon -- Yum! (In fact we had it for breakfast again this morning.) We don't eat really super things like that more than once a week, but you can be certain we will reorder when we exhaust current supply. Thanks!
Thank you for taking the time to research my order. I would also like to thank you for the credit. My husband was born and raised in Canada just north of Toronto and when we married we moved up there which is where I was able to get my first taste of Peameal Bacon. We have lived in Florida since 1986 to care for my aging parents and knew of no place to get it. Found you on the net and was so happy to order. Hopefully the next order will go smoothly. I'll have it shipped regular. Thanks again for your kindness and effort in attempting to get this resolved.
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the bacon. My sisters and I spent our summers in Canada (it's been almost 40 years since we've been there) and have be looking for REAL canadian bacon for the past several years. I just happened to find your website. We plan on ordering more. It brought back fond memories of summers with our grandparents. Thanks
Just wanted you to know that last Sunday I made Eggs Benedict for the family and it was fabulous!!! I happen to be a great cook and I make a mean Hollandaise, but your "Real Canadian Bacon" really made the difference. Thanks! I'm looking forward to my next experience.
Thank you Ken; How could anyone not be satisfied?? Obviously the price renders the product use to special occasions, but by our standards, it is well worth the extra money. Up in Parry Sound, I have no idea what the locals are paying, but, we aren`t there!! That is, not to mention the currency exchange rates. In any event, the product IS GOOD!!! Excellent, if you will. Thank you again, and rest assured that when we get near the end of our order, we shall be back.
If you check the files I have ordered from you many times, this is a new address, and yes I love the product. Expensive, but keep up the good work. PS If you could do something about malt bread, I may ask you to marry me!!!
All is well. I am a Happy PeaMeal Bacon eater......Thanks & Regards to Ken
We are very happy with our order and are still enjoying the Canadian bacon. We plan to order again in the future.
Order arrived quickly and was quite cold. Very satisfied. Thanks for your followup.
The bacon has been great. We have not tried the roasts yet. We will do so next weekend. Thanks for your interest and follow-up.
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