The REAL Canadian Bacon Company
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The REAL Canadian Bacon Company

RCB Company–the REAL Canadian Bacon Co. is a Michigan-based company which imports Canadian Peameal Bacon and other fine unique foods from Canada. We import only USDA approved product, and ship from our Troy, Michigan location.

Real Canadian bacon, known as “peameal bacon” in Canada, is unknown to most Americans. Those Americans that relish the product plan trips to Canada to stock their homes with this healthy alternative to traditional American breakfast and dinner entrées. This experience is now conveniently brought to you via the REAL Canadian Bacon Co., the “net,” and our exclusive carrier UPS.

Peameal bacon is made from boneless pork loins, short cut from the leaner portions of the loin, to ensure a more uniform product. External fat is trimmed to within 1⁄8 inch. Smokeless and tender, this product is sweet pickle-cured and rolled in a traditional golden cornmeal coating, maintaining the processing tradition of real Canadian peameal bacon.

Take advantage of this unique product offering, discounted pricing and quick delivery methods. Excellent freshness and quality control are strictly enforced. Make your next meal a REAL Canadian Bacon meal!