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Serve your customers something special—REAL Canadian Bacon from Canada! This is the product made famous worldwide, and now available for your menu. Your customers will be delighted to find the “real thing” in their favorite restaurant.

Set yourself apart from the competition and offer this unique and classic taste today. Discounts are available for restaurant, hotel, and institutional food service operators. For wholesale information, or to contact the wholesale manager in your area.

Why REAL Canadian Bacon?

Zesty Breakfasts

Give your customers the classic breakfast they’ve heard so much about—eggs, toast and hash browns, served with a side of REAL Canadian Bacon!

Flavorful Salads

Make your house salad something they’ll remember again and again. Let REAL Canadian Bacon be your “secret ingredient” to success.

Super Sandwiches

The Incredible sandwich platters are just minutes away with REAL Canadian Bacon. It’s a unique taste that just can’t be beat!